Who is
Barrie Turpin?

I'm a Melbourne based photographer, born and raised in Traralgon in country Victoria.
Studied Design, Art History and Photography during my school years.

Other interests besides photography are; Travel, when time and funds allow. All forms of fishing, training to become a certified Photoshop expert and drawing inspiration & knowledge from the vast amount of exceptional photographers out there, both amateur and professional.

Started my professional career as a press photographer and during the following decade also freelanced, shooting commercial and wedding photography.  

I spent four years working aboard several luxury cruise ships as a Photographer, Lab Manager and Chief Photographer.  
For the past few years have been working ‘behind the scenes’ as Lab Manager and Maintenance Manager in several professional Photographic Labs around Melbourne.


Had several images chosen to for the cover of the Melbourne Yellow Pages 2013 edition.

Selected works use in various exhibits at the Museum of Victoria. 

Exhibited works at the Museum of Victoria in the 'Daughters of the Dreaming' exhibition. The exhibition later went on a national tour and has since become a permanent display at the Museum.

Produced and released a book in 1991 titled "Portraits: Remarkable People of South East Australia." written by journalist Timothy Lee. This marked the culmination of three years of research and photographic sessions during which we strive to document the extraordinary lives of some every day Australians. The book also generated several exhibitions of photographic works.

Organised a photographic exhibition entitled 'Best of the  Press' in August 1987 with fellow press photographers. 

Best sports photograph at the country press awards 1987. 

Certified Life Boat Commander.

My Parents

Scott Kelby
Joe McNelly
David Hobby
Darwin Wigget
Joey L