2012 - Lake Tyers

Is It Too Early to
Starting Asking Tour

Captain - Huggy


Visions of Daylesford Lake with accommodation at the Mung and Chickpea Hotel was anticipated, when Captain Davey Boy volunteered to organise the Bulls 2012 tour of duty.

But the crew’s fear was short lived as Captain Davey Boy searched further afield towards the mighty Gippsland Lakes and back to our roots (settle down Fox and Spud) of the inaugural Bulls trip back in 2007.


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2011 - Bermagui

"Bermaspewi Tour"

Captain - Evie


Bull Crew 2011 was a highly successful trip to the NSW south coast.

Despite some significant acts of insubordination, the Captain on the whole kept his cool, but as one wit observed, hadn’t had to make so many decisions since the sex change operation….


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2010 - Bemm River

"Plastic BreamTastic Tour"

Captain - Hilly


The  Bullcrew venture for 2010 started a day early for a few Bullcrew  members who had trouble at the end of the night getting to Baz’s, getting  through the door at Baz’s and getting into bed at Baz’s.  A couple were certainly a bit worse for wear  on the trip east to the Mighty Bemm.


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2009 - Murray River

"Did You Get a Shot Off Tour"

Captain - Johno
Vessel - Endeavour


We arrived on Friday and acquainted ourselves with the crew and the vessel that lined up with many and varied other types – the luxury model was particularly appealing but alas we haven’t earned that  right yet.


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2008 - Hervey Bay

"Git R Done Tour"

Vessel - Neptune
Captain - Planet


The trip started early for some who ventured from the southern cold climes to the supposedly tropical north.  However the weather was a bit cool, windy and rainy as we headed towards Riverheads in the Soob with four crew members.

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2007 - Gippsland Lakes

"Inaugural Tour"

Captain - Baz
Vessel - Tanjil


It started as an idea few years ago and after a few suggestions Bazza took matters into his own hands, a situation in which he is well accustomed and decided to embark on a plan for a Bulls Cruiser trip on the Gippsland Lakes. The invites went out for a crew of hearties to man the vessel, a magnificent clipper named Tanjil – an aboriginal word meaning ‘drink lots, catch fuck all'.


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